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Proxima Free

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Forfatter: Adrian Phillips

The year is 27017. Mankind has flourished in long lasting peace which has lasted over15 centuries. Science and technology has advanced to its highest level. With that advancement came the settlement of other planets in the neighboring Galaxies.

The number of habitable planets settled by human explorers counts in hundreds and mankind has been the supreme authority of our galaxy. As Such the Galactic Federation, was born.

The need for peace keeping in all the territory held by the federation resulted in establishing the military arm of the Galactic Federation which became known as Galactic Federation Military. GFM was consist of many thousands of military class starships. Carriers and destroyers were built and the expanded classes of military grade starships made the the federation a force to be reckoned with.

With this taken place, the Galactic Federation became a point of interest for the Sarkan empire which was located on the other side of the known universe. The Sarkan empire held in their possession a territory much larger than the federation. The Sarkan empire was many thousands of years old and was known to be one of the earliest civilizations in the universe.

Their might was unmatched by many that were conquered by the imperial space navy but the emperor believed that the Galactic Federation eventually will come to make the empire submit and for that reason he ordered the imperial space navy to assemble for war with the federation.

In the mean time, Starship Proxima was on a exploration mission in Narkas star system when an encrypted message meant for a Sarkanian out post was intercepted. The message was a hail to assemble for war directed to the 2nd fleet of imperial navy. Proxima’s commanding officer knew the importance of the message and to him it was clear that he needed to get back to the federation swiftly to prevent the surprise attack.

Narkas star system was located deep inside the imperial territory and in order to get access to the nearest gate which was connected to the federation network, Proxima had to travel through the Sarkanian territory of ten star systems and use the Varkan blackhole. Proxima was a gladiator class Starship which would outclass anything that the imperial space navy currently possessed but going through the Sarkanian territory with no hope of reinforcement was beyond the capabilities of any starship. Captain Vorstov commanding officer of Proxima had only one choice left to him. Take the journey in order to inform the federation of the surprise attack that was imminent by the imperial forces.

At the same time the presence of Starship Proxima was discovered by the imperial space navy scouts and the news alerted the emperor. The emperor dispatched the 2nd fleet to pursue and destroy Proxima. The race to save many countless lives has begun for Starship Proxima. So it began, the Chronicles of Starship Proxima.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to navigate the Starship Proxima and reach the federation space before the Sarkanian armada gets to the Federation space. The Following is the list of your missions:

* Narkas System Asteroid Belt

* Burato Ice Planet

* Blue Nebula Sector

* Blazing Nebula Sector

* Blue Vortex

* Dark Moons Of Sharpinax

* Super Nova Battle

* Twin Planets Battle

* Karkaros Moon Battle

* Passage To Blackhole

May your flight be swift and stars shine upon your quest captain.